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The Tree ("Treet" ) - The tallest wooden house in the world

The world's tallest wooden house "Treet" in Bergen, with its 14 floors, is a pilot project for sustainable high-rise buildings in urban areas. New knowledge about the construction of high-rise buildings in wood has been developed.

"Treet" - or "The Tree", will act as inspiration for similar projects in the future, and will provide the basis for the development of both lower and higher wooden buildings. The building meets the passive housing requirements, and has received support from Enova and Innovation Norway. The carrier system is in lime wood, while the apartments are based on modules. Stairs and lift chases are massive. The project has 62 apartments and a total of 5600 sqm.

New wood solutions have been put into use and the project has helped to develop new solutions at the suppliers and new skills with planners and consultants.

The Tree is characterized by:

  •     Pioneering and innovative wood use
  •     Extensive tree farming focusing on varied use of wood
  •     Innovative process related to the development of the project
  •     Industrialized and effective solutions
  •     Robust solutions in terms of usage and service life

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Time Lapse Treet from BOB BBL on Vimeo.

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